One way that the Massachusetts Founders Network (MFN) supports entrepreneurs is with a sector-specific informal monthly roundtable discussion.
For four consecutive years, MassCEC has funded BSC’s $40,000 grand prize and $2,500 for each finalist, along with other programmatic costs. Leslie and Elizabeth work together through that annual grantmaking and reporting process.
Jet skis are fun…but loud. And dirty. According to CitzenSustainable, a three-hour jet ski ride could emit as much as 730 pounds of carbon dioxide.
Innovation Studio has carved a niche for itself by emphasizing the effectiveness of practical, hands-on methods for the community it aims to serve.
Cinar Efe Sumer is the Senior Investment Associate on the Industry Strategy & Investment team. Sumer collects and analyzes data to identify their funding impact.
When Physical Therapist Brittney Cappiello founded My Core Floor, she had a three-month waiting list for new patients. Today, her waiting list is even longer, but My Core Floor is helping women all over the world with core strength and pelvic floor rehabilitation.
Jason Hoch is Deputy Director of the Innovation Institute at Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MassTech), a position he comes to after a long career in local government. Jason told us about his current work with industry leaders, academic researchers, and policymakers to help fuel economic growth in the Commonwealth. 
Kerry Bowie is Founder of the Majira Project, which focuses on entrepreneurship as a way to close the racial wealth gap in the United States. Kerry told MFN about why he started the nonprofit, and why community development through entrepreneurship is so important for moving toward a more equitable society. 
Siobhan Dullea is Executive Director of Innovate@BU. She told MFN about how the university plays a role in the state’s entrepreneur ecosystem, and what kinds of projects BU students are spinning up. 
Ian Cain is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Qubic Labs in Quincy, Mass., which brings together people from business, government, and academia to fuel a global hub for blockchain technology, development, and innovation.
Thomas Ryden is Executive Director of MassRobotics. He told us about some of the companies in MassRobotics’ portfolio, and how his organization connects startups with the workspace and resources they need to develop, prototype, test and commercialize their products and solutions.
Richard Meiklejohn is an Innovation Leader at UMASS Medical Device Development Center and Biotech Incubator (M2D2), which has facilities in Lowell and Worcester. Richard told MFN about some of the innovations coming from M2D2, and how he got there. 
An “extreme extrovert,” Fitch has worked to build community and support startup founders in a few different capacities, from leading community and inclusion programming at software development bootcamp Galvanize to directing diversity, equity, and inclusion at web performance and security startup Cloudflare. 
Matt Segneri is Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Executive Director at the Harvard Innovation Labs. He told MFN about how Harvard is working to create robust and lively support for entrepreneurs across its 13 schools. 
Leslie Nash is Program Director for technology-to-market programming at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a state economic development agency dedicated to accelerating the growth of the clean energy sector across the Commonwealth.
Dean Walsh is Program Manager for TiE Boston’s TiE ScaleUp accelerator, which provides mentorship and curriculum to startup founders across all sectors, helping them navigate from the seed-funding to Series A stage.
The CWE is an economic empowerment organization that helps women entrepreneurs, launch and grow their businesses by providing greater access to the resources, tools, and support they need to succeed.  
Zachary Dutton is Executive Director of The Venture Forum in Worcester, which plays a crucial role in assisting early-stage entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their businesses.
Daniel Vidaña is President of Innovation Studio, an organization that works to make innovation, entrepreneurship, and business ownership attainable for everyone, with an individualized approach, presence in multiple communities including Boston, Roxbury, and Providence, and an emphasis on building networks. 
Rosanna Garcia is the Paul R. Beswick Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and Director of the Business Development Lab (BDL), WPI’s incubator.
Robby Bitting started his career at MassChallenge as an intern and is now in a leadership role. He shared some info with us about how MassChallenge can help startups, why participation in Challenge programs can be an important step in a company’s journey, and the obstacles he sees founders come up against. 
Massachusetts Secretary of Economic Development Yvonne Hao generously offered us her perspectives on the strengths of our state, what Massachusetts needs to continue to prosper, and what it’s been like as an experienced business professional to settle into her first government job.
“It’s just fun to watch people flourish,” she said. “The more people can share resources, the better off the whole network is–I want success for everyone, and I will do whatever I can to help with that.” 
Chris Sims is a partner at The Alchemy Fund, which invests in early-stage startups in New England. He’s been on both sides of the startup coin, as a founder and as an investor.
If you’re looking for entrepreneur support organizations in Massachusetts, chances are Megan Marszalek can point you in the right direction. 
As Business Development Manager for the city of Pittsfield, Mike Coakley has been able to recruit businesses into Pittsfield, and help Pittsfield companies expand.
How did Marty’s Local, a Western Massachusetts food delivery service with a focus on serving farmers, go from distributing food from the back of a Passat to a multi-million dollar company?
Gregory Thomas is the Executive Director of UMass Amherst’s Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship and a Lecturer at the Isenberg School of Management, but before he held those roles, you’d have found him on campus anyway.
Sol Clarity Co-Founder and CTO Annie Rabi Bernard, Ph.D., is on a mission to address water scarcity and carbon emissions through technology. 
As senior VP and chief diversity officer at Berkshire Bank, Angela Dixon and the Berkshire team are working to bring opportunities directly to marginalized populations—in their communities, with their input.
Meet Brandale Randolph and the Nash brothers, three Massachusetts entrepreneurs showing us that success and social impact can coexist.
Carolyn Kirk is the executive director of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, which supports business formation and growth in the state’s technology sector, helping Massachusetts lead in the global digital economy.
Since competing in the Massachusetts Digital Health COVID-19 Recovery Challenge in 2021, and its founder, Shainoor Khoja, have been busy.
I manage communications for Lever and MFN, coordinating social media, strategy and priorities, and events.
I manage and direct the MFN Journal, and I’m always open to suggestions and ideas from founders.
I lead the Massachusetts Founders Network and I’m the executive director of Lever, in North Adams, Mass.
In addition to my work with MFN, I am Program Director for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems at Massachusetts Technology Collaborative’s Innovation Institute.
I assist in accomplishing MFN’s goals through general communications support.
At Mungy, a digital marketing agency in the Berkshires, we handcraft digital experiences for brands who want to deliver on their purpose and add value to those they serve.
In the five years since Alchemy was founded, it has invested in 13 early-stage companies in Western Massachusetts. Eleven of those companies have grown.

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