It may be the end of the year, but there are still opportunities to learn and find community as a Massachusetts startup founder!
It may be the end of the year, but there are still opportunities to learn and find community as a Massachusetts startup founder!
When Physical Therapist Brittney Cappiello founded My Core Floor, she had a three-month waiting list for new patients. Today, her waiting list is even longer, but My Core Floor is helping women all over the world with core strength and pelvic floor rehabilitation.
Andrew Fitch is MFN’s Community Engagement Manager. He’s worked in DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) in the tech space for years. In this video, he offers some advice about trying to get it right from the beginning, not as an afterthought. 
Air quality monitoring startup Zeptive is typically No. 1 when you search Google for “vape detector” and other phrases critical to their business. This is no coincidence. It’s the result of a strategic approach to search engine optimization that has helped the company generate leads, educate customers, and expand its audience. 
Search engine optimization can seem daunting even for startup founders, but with tons of amazing tools to help you strategize and take stock, it won’t be too long before you’re an SEO pro. Here are some of our recommendations.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a great marketing tool for startups, but it can be a complicated undertaking. Good news, though: We have some expert tips for you, courtesy of Adriaan Van Swieten, who works on SEO with startups and businesses across the country.
Customers need to know about your story. Creating a brand narrative leaves less room for your customers to make unfair or inaccurate assumptions about you.
Francesca Olsen is Publisher of the MFN Journal, and she’s also a longtime digital marketer. She shares four tips for getting started as a new startup founder or business owner.
Cairn Cross is Co-Founder of FreshTracks Capital, which has catalyzed more than $500 million in investments to high-growth Vermont companies since it was founded in 2000. He shares his insights about how VCs can approach rural areas.
While founders might be well-versed in what ADA compliance entails in physical spaces, Tom Sharpe, co-founder of Mungy, a creative studio specializing in web design (who also made MFN’s site!), is aiding his clients by expanding their knowledge of ADA compliance in the digital world. 
It’s essential to understand that investors aren’t merely looking for $100,000 in revenue. They’re looking for a hint of something extraordinary.
Chris Sims has been on both sides of the startup coin, as a founder and as an investor. He’s also an MFN advisor, and we’re happy that he’s generous enough to share his experience and tips with our community–including this advice about crafting a pitch.
Jason Briggs has probably been paying attention to developments in AI longer than you have. Here’s what he says to expect in the future and how to be ready.
The entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges. Resilience and dedication to your mission and vision are critical.
Here’s what we learned from MFN’s July “AI for Startup Founders” webinar with Brent Heeringa.
AI can never replace human beings, and business leaders, now more than ever, need to recognize and value the irreplaceable and priceless offerings of human beings.
As MFN grows, we want to make sure our members are making the most out of what’s available, both online and in-person.
Regardless of the hat I’m wearing or the business vertical a startup operates in, I find myself offering similar tenets to founders.
After an event ends and we head home, what then? By pure chance, we bump into these professionals further down the road, and we must remind them who we are. This makes you question: Did we get to know them? Did they get to know us?
As an entrepreneur, one of the most effective ways to build your company and increase your success is by expanding your network.
Here are three important ways our members can experience MFN offline, in their own communities and across the state.

Founders are everywhere, but resources aren’t.

That’s a shame, because the next big idea could come from anywhere.


The Massachusetts Founder Network aims to bridge the gap, giving startup founders equitable access to resources that will help their companies grow.


We support MA founders no matter where they come from, their company’s stage, or their business sector. We want to democratize access to the resources that will help them accelerate—and excel. All founders are welcome to find resources and community at MFN while creating connections, expanding their networks, and learning from one another.

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