Innovation Studio: A Practical Approach to Intersectional ESO Success

Innovation Studio: A Practical Approach to Intersectional ESO Success

The gist:

  • A model informed by community input and feedback instead of instituting a theoretical model authored by non-community members is proving more successful for everyone.
  • Being in the community you aim to serve with a physical presence, investment, and representation is proving very effective in accelerator mission success.


In the vibrant ecosystem of Massachusetts entrepreneurship, where ideas can often float in the realms of theory and academia, Innovation Studio emerges as a refreshing initiative. 


Guided by Daniel Vidaña, Innovation Studio has carved a niche for itself by emphasizing the effectiveness of practical, hands-on methods for the community it aims to serve. By combining observable actions and creating spaces that resonate with intersectional and marginalized entrepreneurs, Innovation Studio has accomplished a functional paradigm for successful, mission-fulfilling intersectional ESOs.

Before serving as President and a board member at Innovation Studio, Daniel provided consultancy services to startups and held key positions at prominent Silicon Valley companies such as Apple and emerging e-commerce ventures. As a first-generation bilingual Latino from California’s San Joaquin Valley, Vidaña’s early experiences with migrant farm workers strongly influenced his commitment to diversity and representation.

Vidaña’s experience, vision, and team prioritize real-world solutions, subtly shifting the mode of operation from a majority of academic speculations and leadership that did not reflect the demographics it aimed to serve, toward imperfect, but concrete action. This began by not-so-subtly adjusting the physical location of the organization to Roxbury, a diverse suburb beyond the bounds of the Cambridge glow.


While it was just the first step to move Innovation Studio to Roxbury, Vidaña had more in mind for the vision that wasn’t always measurable. “It’s not just numbers that tell a story, right?” he said. “Sometimes being effective means someone just felt like they were welcome and they belonged somewhere. It’s amazing what a sense of belonging can do for creativity and ambition.” 


An essential aspect of this success is the composition of Innovation Studio’s board and team. “Our organization doesn’t just represent diversity; it embodies the lived experiences of the communities we work with,” Vidaña explains. This is not just about having a diverse group of people at the table; it’s about ensuring that the decisions and strategies of the organization are informed by a deep, experiential understanding of the needs and aspirations of those they aim to empower.”


Vidaña’s approach to community engagement is not just a part of the studio’s strategy; it’s the heartbeat. “Being present in the community means more than just physical presence; it’s about meaningful interaction and understanding,” he said, articulating a philosophy that moves beyond the theoretical ideals of inclusivity. 


Innovation Studio focuses on a deep integration into the communities its team serves, bridging the gap between high-level support and the ground-level needs of these communities. This approach is critical in establishing a foundation of trust and understanding that is often missing in more abstract models.


The impact of Innovation Studio is reflected in its impressive demographic reach. The organization proudly shares that 65% of its participants are women, 71% are entrepreneurs of color, and 81% come from low to moderate-income backgrounds. Vidaña reflects on these numbers with a sense of accomplishment: “These figures are not just statistics; they represent lives changed, potentials unlocked.”


Innovation Studio’s programs, especially its “Create” and “Grow” programs, which focus on different aspects of creating and growing a business from the bottom up, stand out for their focus on actionable support from expert advisors. “Our advisors are doers and achievers who bring real-world experience to the table,” Vidaña said. This approach has transformed the relationship between program participants and experts: making it a relatable and aspirational journey for the entrepreneurs, while progressing through a path sprinkled with practical insights and achievable milestones.


Confronting systemic barriers is a cornerstone of Innovation Studio’s mission. Under Vidaña’s leadership, the team approaches these challenges with strategies rooted in efficacy and sustainability. “We don’t just identify problems; we actively work towards solving them with solutions that have a lasting impact,” he said. “This focus on effective problem-solving is pivotal, enabling the studio to make a substantial difference in the entrepreneurial landscape.”

Looking ahead, Vidaña envisions a future where Innovation Studio expands its reach to meet the needs of communities in regions like New Hampshire, the Merrimack Valley and Western Massachusetts. “Our expansion plans are driven by the real, on-the-ground needs of these communities,” he said, underscoring the studio’s commitment to growth that is both meaningful and responsive to the needs it aims to address.


Learn more about Daniel’s experiences in this month’s webinar – Breaking Barriers: Empowering Massachusetts Startup Founders. Join for free on Tuesday, January 30th at 5:30pm EST. Register here.


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