I have an educational background in pharmacy and organic chemistry. For my PhD degree I made outstanding fluorescent compounds. A slight modification in the structure of these compounds produced compounds with similar properties. A small amount of one compound has been made and it looks visually impressive.
These compounds were patentable, and I obtained a US patent covering these compounds. I also started a virtual company (Scintillon Research LLC). Since then, I have been looking for pre-seed funding for proof-of-concept studies. The market for these compounds already exists. I just made a better mouse trap.

Scintillon Research LLC will be selling fluorescent probes (molecules) to scientists (especially biologists) and engineers.
Fluorescent molecules are used for measuring or visualizing trace amounts of substances. Scintillon Research LLC will offer improved, patented (US patent 9,372,194 B2, 2016), fluorescent probes to research workers.
These molecules have 2 advantages over the main widely used competing molecule fluorescein. They are more stable to ultraviolet radiation and have a much larger Stokes shift of around 100nm which allows measurement of very low levels of samples.
Fluorescein is not stable to ultraviolet radiation and has a small Stokes shift (10nm). Fluorescein is not covered by a patent. When fluorescein is used as a microscopic stain, it fades rapidly when the slide is viewed under ultraviolet light. My compounds fluoresce for longer time.

I would like to make 2 compounds and study their utility in 4 projects. Since my company does not have a lab. I would like to outsource this work to US contract research companies.

1. Assay for alkaline phosphatase and
2. microscopic stain for cells producing alkaline phosphatase.

3. Assay for hydrogen sulfide and
4. microscopic stain for cells producing hydrogen sulfide.

No fluorescent probe for hydrogen sulfide exists on the market.

Significance of these assays

Determination of alkaline phosphatase activity using synthetic substrates has become important in biological research and clinical diagnosis of bone diseases such as increased osteoblastic activity and malignant bone tumors, but also for certain types of bile and liver diseases.

Hydrogen sulfide is an emerging neuromodulator that exerts a wide range of pathological and physiological functions in the human body, from endocrine system and cellular longevity to hepatic protection and kidney function. Hence there is a need for a tool for the detection and quantifying hydrogen sulfide in biological fluids and intact cells.

I am willing to work on any other project suggested by the funding agency.

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